Malinauskas, A. and Urbaitis, G. 2010. Soil Preparation for Forest Plantations in Former Farmland Haplic Arenosols with and without Plough-pan.  Baltic Forestry 16 (2): 247 – 254.

The growth of pine, spruce and birch plantations as well as penetration of taproots into deeper soil layers were studied on former farmland soils with a formed plough-pan. The soil was prepared by deep plowing (60 cm), as well as by patch scarification and by complete soil plowing to the depth of 25-27 cm.
Normal plowing of light textured soils prevented the growth of vertical roots of spruce and birch, when soil density was over 1.6 gcm-3¨³. Deep plowing when compacted plough-pan turns out on soil surface provides more favourable conditions for the growth of taproots and increases their rooting depth. More favorable conditions for the root growth may significantly accelerate the growth of the above-ground part of trees. Pine seedlings survived and grew better for the first 3 years on former farmland Haplic Arenosols without plough-pan in shallow furrows (8-10 cm depth), while in year 4 the maximum increment were in completely plowed soil.

Key words: abandoned farmland, soil compaction, soil preparation, deep plowing, patch scarification, complete plowing furrowing, root growth .