Aleinikovas, M. 2010. The XXIII IUFRO World Congress in nSeoul.  Baltic Forestry 16 (2): 312 – 314.  (Chronicle)

IUFRO as 'the global network for forest science cooperation' was established in 1892. It has members of about 700 research institutions and universities from 110 countries and 15 thousand of forest scientists, government officials and international organization experts. IUFRO mission is to promote global cooperation in forest-related research and to enhance the understanding of the ecological, economic and social aspects of forests and trees; as well as to disseminate scientific knowledge to stakeholders and decision-makers and to contribute to forest policy and on-the-ground forest management. The largest forest meeting - the XXIII International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) Congress ‘Forests for the Future: Sustaining Society and the Environment’ has been held in Seoul (South Korea) on 23-28 August 2010. The Congress course, programme and peculiarities have been described.