Ozolinčius, R. 2012. Possible Effects of Climate Change on Forest Biodiversity, Tree Growth and Condition: Review of Research in Lithuania. Baltic Forestry 18(1): 156-167 (Review Paper).

With the rise in average temperature of 0.7-0.9oC during the last century, particularly significant in the last decades (over the last 15-30 years), winter in Lithuania has become milder, with shorter periods of snow cover and increased amounts of precipitation. Summer now has severe droughts, especially in July-August. The duration of thermal spring and autumn has increased. As a result of these changes, the climate in Lithuania is becoming less continental.

The possible effects of climate change on forest ecosystems are discussed. The research data in Lithuania (1990-2011) from scientific reports, scientific articles, diploma theses, etc. have been used.

The effects of climate change on different components and indices of forest ecosystems, such as soil chemistry and microbiology, ground vegetation, forest insects, birds, herbivorous animals, and tree diseases as well as tree phenology, growth and crown condition, have been analysed. In many cases, the effects of climate change depend on stand and site characteristics.

Key words: climate change, forest ecosystem, biodiversity, tree growth, phenology, crown condition.