Viiri, H. and Miettinen, O. 2013. Feeding preferences of Hylobius pinastri Gyll. Baltic Forestry 19(1): 161 - 164 (Brief Report)

Hylobius (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) weevils, especially Hylobius abietis L., are harmful regeneration pests that cause damage by killing planted coniferous seedlings and are economically the most important regeneration pests in Europe. Hylobius pinastri Gyll. is one of the lesser-known forestry pests of the genus. A feeding experiment was performed, to follow the feeding choices of H. pinastri between Norway spruce and Scots pine. Insects were allowed to choose freely between Norway spruce and Scots pine twigs during a week-long experiment. The results indicate that H. pinastri prefers Norway spruce but also accepts Scots pine for nutrition. Feeding scars were large enough to kill seedlings. Results support the observation that H. pinastri is abundant in moist Norway spruce-dominated forests.

Key words: feeding experiment, Hylobius pinastri, nutrition selection, regeneration pest