Kaliniewicz, Z.,* Tylek, P., Markowski, P., Anders, A., Rawa, T., Jóźwiak, K. and Fura, S. 2013. Correlations between the Germination Capacity and Selected Physical Properties of Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) Seeds. Baltic Forestry 19(2): 201-211

The critical transport velocity, dimensions (thickness, width, length), the angle of sliding friction and weight of Scots pine seeds from three batches were determined. Seed colour was assessed in using an organoleptic test, and seeds were divided into three groups: gray, black and other. The measured parameters were used to calculate the arithmetic and geometric mean diameter, aspect ratio, sphericity index, specific weight and density of seeds. The germination capacity was estimated every 12 hours, and the germination rate was determined for each seed. The analyzed attributes were compared by the Student's t-test for independent samples, single classification analysis of variance and a correlation analysis. The germination capacity was somewhat improved by eliminating seeds with the lowest thickness from the examined material. The separation of seeds into colour groups in an optical grader and individual processing of each group proved to be economically unfeasible. The above approaches did not lead to a significant improvement in germination capacity or germination uniformity. The percentage of non-germinated seeds was nearly twice higher in the "other" group than in the remaining colour groups.

Keys words: Scots pine seeds, physical properties, germination