Heinsoo, K.* and Dimitriou, I. 2014. Growth Performance of Willow Clones in Short Rotation Coppice after Sewage Sludge Application. Baltic Forestry 20(1): 70-77.

The aim of the current study was to compare the growth performance of willow clones from different breeding programmes in short rotation coppice field trials established in different European countries when applied with sewage sludge. In general, willow clones from the European Willow Breeding Programme (clones “Resolution” and “Endeavour”) had lower survival rate, but higher aboveground shoot biomass than willow clones from the Swedish State Willow Selection Programme (clone 78183) and the Willow Breeding Programme of Agrobränsle AB (clones “Tora” and “Inger”). Sludge application did not have any significant impact on growth performance. The average aboveground biomass production of willows in Poland was larger than that in Estonia or Germany, and in the three-year-old plantations it was not correlated to the actual plant density.

Key words: Biomass; production; short rotation coppice; sewage sludge; willow.