Vitas, A. 2015. Pine Timber from Trakai Castle as a Source of Information about Past Climate in Lithuania. Baltic Forestry 21(2): 212-218

Scots pine tree-ring chronology was compiled from the rostwerk constructions of the Trakai Castle fore-work. The chronology involves dated 18 tree-ring-width series and runs for 220 years between 1192 and 1411. Constructed chronology shows high similarity with chronologies developed for Lithuania, Latvia and Poland. The investigated samples contain on average 33 sapwood rings with waney edge missing among all samples. The estimation of missing sapwood rings indicates the tentative date of felling in 1426. Abrupt growth depressions with missing rings are typical for the first half of the 13th century; two growth depressions lasted from 1219–1221 and 1237–1239 with the smallest measured ring width in 1238 (on average 0.27 mm). The 14th century is characterized by smaller variations in tree-ring pattern with major depression from 1356–1358.

Keywords: dating, Scots pine, tree-ring chronology, Trakai Castle, pointer years