Metslaid, M., Maaten, T., Kurm, M., Seemen, H. and Kiviste, A. 2015. Comparison of Height Growth of Two Picea abies Provenances from Estonia and Belarus. Baltic Forestry 21(2): 253-258

This study was carried out to compare the growth of Norway spruce provenance from Estonia (Järvselja) with the growth of provenance from Belarus (Vitebsk Braslav). There was a significant difference between tree height growth of Estonian and Belarus provenance. The average height of Norway spruce of Belarus provenance exceeded the Estonian provenance in average 22.8 cm, 34.7 cm and 48.0 cm, respectively at age 9, 10 and 11 years. Along with the generalized additive mixed model the annual height growth was 3.22 cm greater for Belarus provenance compared to Estonian provenance. Based on the results of this study the northern regions of Belarus are suitable for Norway spruce seed transfer to Estonia.

Keywords: Belarus, height growth, Picea abies, provenance