Petrovic, J.*, Tomicevic-Dubljevic, J. and Stavretovic, N. 2016. Understanding Summer Visitors and their Attitudes to the Kopaonik National Park, Serbia. Baltic Forestry 22(2): 315-326.

   Kopaonik Mountain is the oldest ski resort in Serbia and the most visited mountain as it has good facilities for both summer and winter outdoor recreation. Kopaonik is distinguished by a high level of biodiversity and it has been a national park since 1981. The aim of the present study is to understand the visitors’ attitudes related to this area and to incorporate them with the purpose of improving the management of the natural and recreational resources of this protected area. A face to face survey was carried out in order to examine the ways, in which visitors use this area, to see if they are satisfied with the management of Kopaonik Mountain and to examine their attitudes towards the improvement of the recreational area of Kopaonik. The results show that middle-aged employers, who prevail among the tourists questioned, visit the mountain once per year (during spring or summer) and stay for 7-10 days. People mostly come from the capital city of Belgrade and visit the ski areas of Kopaonik Mountain for passive vacation and leisure activities (walking and enjoying nature). The findings indicate that some socio–demographic data such as gender and age are related to the use of the recreational areas. This case study provides some useful information and suggestions for the park managers to make improvements in the future.

Keywords: summer visitors, Mt. Kopaonik, visitor needs, ski areas, national park.