Popa, B., Borz, S. A., Nita, M. D., Ioras, F., Iordache, E.,* Borlea, F., Pache, R. and Abrudan, I. V. 2016. Forest Ecosystem Services Valuation in Different Management Scenarios: a Case Study of the Maramures Mountains. Baltic Forestry 22(2): 327-340.

   The paper aims to explore whether long run benefits can be obtained through the sustainable management of forest ecosystems within protected areas when compared to immediate benefits of doing business as usual. Total economic value of forest ecosystems services is estimated using commonly used valuation techniques under the innovative umbrella of the Sector Scenario Assessment methodology, introducing sectorial focus, alternative management scenarios and time dimension to the evaluation process. The methodology is based on comparing two management scenarios, Business As Usual (BAU) and Sustainable Ecosystem Management (SEM). They were designed by consulting with stakeholders involved in protected areas management, research and regulating or are main beneficiaries of ecosystem services. The economic indicators determined by using the models defined by those scenarios for the next 30 years, results of a complex data collection process and application of appropriate valuation techniques, show that, after 30 years, forestry activities under SEM exceed the values of the BAU scenario in terms of added value to the economy. For the forestry activities in the Maramures Mountains Natural Park, the estimated present value of provisioning ecosystem services is EUR 32.4 million for the BAU scenario, and EUR 32.0 million for the SEM scenario. By focusing not only on forestry related but also on other sectors related ecosystem services, the paper may open doors for considering more complex incentive/financing mechanisms that helps secure biodiversity and ecosystem services more broadly.

Keywords: forestry, ecosystem service, valuation, protected area.