Östbrant, I-L., Vasaitis, R., Stenlid, J., Pliūra, A. and Menkis, A. 2017. Natura 2000 Habitats Dominated by Ash and Elm, Invaded by Alien Invasive Fungi on the Gotland Island of Sweden: an Overview. Baltic Forestry 23(1): 264-269.

   Natura 2000 sites in Gotland are unique and possess very high nature conservation values. Both ash and elm are the typi-cal tree species in several key habitats of Natura 2000 sites and accommodate a high number of associated (red-listed) species. Recent invasion of Dutch elm disease and ash dieback pathogens threatens elm and ash existence, and threatens the integrity of Natura 2000 sites. Management measures undertaken are aimed primarily at sustaining ash and elm, and associated biodiversity, and thus aimed at sustaining high nature conservation values of Natura 2000 sites.

Keywords: nature conservation, Fraxinus, Ulmus, invasive pathogens, Hymenoscyphus, Ophiostoma.