Bezos, D., Martínez-Alvarez, P., Lazarević, J., Davydenko, K. and Millberg, H. 2017. Dothistroma Needle Blight on High Altitude Pine Forests in Montenegro. Baltic Forestry 23(1): 294-302.

   Dothistroma needle blight (DNB) is one of the most serious and widespread needle diseases of pines. Its current distribution was investigated in high altitude native and planted pine forests in Montenegro. The suitability for the disease under different climatic conditions is discussed. Using molecular methods, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) with species specific primers, Dothistroma septosporum (Dorog) M. Morelet was detected from needles of Pinus nigra Arn., Pinus nigra ‘Dalmatica’ (Visiani) Franco, Pinus sylvestris L., Pinus mugo Turra, Pinus heldreichii H. Christ, Pinus peuce Griseb. and Picea abies Karst. in different parts of Montenegro, at altitudes between 800 and 2150 m. Dothistroma pini Hulbary was detected from P. sylvestris, P. nigra and P. mugo from restricted area in Northwestern part of Montenegro at altitudes between 800 and 1850 m. This is the first report of DNB on P. mugo and P. abies in Montenegro, and the first time that D. septosporum was detected from P.nigra ‘Dalmatica’. Also, D. septosporum was detected through native forests of P. heldreichii and P. peuce. The climatic conditions and altitudes where DNB was detected were different from what has previously been reported for this region. From this study, we can conclude that DNB is present in high-altitude pine forests throughout Montenegro. However, the intensity of the disease is low due to prevailing environmental conditions, which are probably not favorable for DNB development.

Keywords: Dothistroma septosporum, Dothistroma pini, Pinus heldreichii, Pinus peuce, Pinus mugo, Pinus nigra ‘Dalmatica’, climate.