Grabek-Lejko, D.*, Kasprzyk, I., Zaguła, G. and Puchalski, Cz. 2017. The Bioactive and Mineral Compounds in Birch Sap Collected in Different Types of Habitats. Baltic Forestry 23(2): 394-401.

   Birch sap is used as a traditional drink and in traditional medicine in many countries in the northern hemisphere. However, there are scarce data on the antioxidant properties, nutrients and the mineral content of birch saps. In this study, the above-mentioned properties were analyzed in two different birch species Betula pendula Roth (silver birch) and Betula pubescens Ehrh. (downy birch) in various areas (suburban, traffic and industrial). The current study evidenced significant differences between the antioxidant, nutrition and mineral content depending on the type of habitat, not on species. It was shown that higher antioxidant properties, sugar and protein content were detected for silver birch sap from industrial area, which may be due to the response of plants to environmental stress. Moreover, heavy metals presenting in soil were not detected or detected at low concentrations in the sap. Birch sap can be used as a valuable natural beverage, which is especially important nowadays, when there is a pressure to minimize the use synthetic and artificial food ingredients.

Keywords: Antioxidants, Betula pendula, Betula pubescens, birch sap, minerals, nutrients, heavy metals.