Vitas, A. 2017. The First Evidence of Subfossil Oak Wood from Riverine Sediments in Lithuania: A Dendrochronological Investigation. Baltic Forestry 23(2): 471-476 (Brief Report).

   The article discusses the results of the dendrochronological investigation on a subfossil oak extracted from the Nemunas riverine sediments in Punios šilas, South Lithuania. The radiocarbon dating has demonstrated that the oak grew in the Late Atlantic period, approximately from 3815 to 3649 BC. The investigated sample was slow growing and is characterized by medium mean sensitivity. Sharp growth depressions and long-term cycles (45 years, on average) in the oak tree-ring width series indicate wet growing conditions.

Keywords: subfossil oak, Punios šilas, radiocarbon dating, tree-ring width, dendrochronology.