Padari A., Muiste, P., Mitt, R. and Pärn, L. 2009. Estimation of Estonian Wood Fuel Resources.  Baltic Forestry 15 (1): 77-85

To collect background information for the Long-term Development Programme of Promotion of Biomass and Bioenergy year 2007 – 2013 several studies financed by the Rural Development Foundation were carried out. The objective of this study was to investigate the potential yield of wood fuel. Conclusions about the potential yield of woody biomass were drawn up based on the results of the field experiments, modelling of forestry data and analysis of digital map layers. According to the calculations the total theoretical annual yield of Estonian forests is 8,406 thousand m³ and the share of traditional fuel wood is 963 thousand m³ (7,223 TJ). The theoretical yield of harvesting residues can be up to 1,504 thousand m³ (9,775 TJ) and the quantity of stumps up to 778 thousand m³ (5,059 TJ), incl. 480 thousand m³ of stumps from coniferous trees. The results can be used for developing measures for promoting biofuels and for spatial analysis of the future scenarios of utilization of biofuels.

Key words: biomass resources, harvesting residues, alternative resources