Brukas, V., Linkevičius, E. and Činga, G. 2009. Policy Drivers Behind Forest Utilisation in Lithuania in 1986-2007.  Baltic Forestry 15 (1): 86-96

After regaining the independence, Lithuania was in the process of making transition to the market economy, yet radical societal shifts only moderately affected Lithuanian forestry. This study evaluates the main drivers that stimulated or decreased forest utilisation. Review of numerous sources reveals that the major drivers towards increased utilisation were the economic transition and changes in the resource base. These have been counterbalanced primarily by deeply-rooted normativism, increasing environmental restrictions, economic model of State forestry and sluggish land reform. The study shows that seeking to understand the dynamics of forest utilisation it is insufficient to focus solely on the available forest inventory as is typically done in forecasts of timber removals. Instead, a holistic analysis is needed, taking into account inter alia, institutional norms and developments outside the forest sector.

Key words: Forestry, timber removals, policy drivers