Erlickytė, R. and Vitas, A. 2008. Influence of Climatic and Anthropogenic Factors on the Radial Growth of Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris L.). Baltic Forestry 14 (2):103-109

The results of long-term dendrochronological investigation of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) growth and condition in the impact zone of one of the biggest air pollution sources in Lithuania as cement plant ′Akmenes Cementas′ are presented. Conifers are especially sensitive to environmental pollution. As an anatomical indicator of tree vitality, annual radial increment of trees was examined. The dynamics of annual radial increment is influenced by the main climatic parameters (air temperature and amount of precipitation) as well as an environmental pollution. The main attention was concentrated to assessment of the complex impact of climatic factors and industrial pollution on the radial increment of pine stands growing at different distances from the plant. Results of investigation and climate response models have shown that closest pine stands have suffered the strongest pollution impact, while the furthest pine stands were affected only by natural factors.

Key words: dendrochronological investigation, Scots pine, annual radial increment, environmental pollution, climatic factors, synergistic impact