Malabadi, R. B. and Nataraja, K. 2007. Influence of Triacontanol on Somatic Embryogenesis of Pinus roxburghii Sarg.  Baltic Forestry 13(1): 39-44

This work highlights the influence of triacontanol on somatic embryogenesis and rooting of somatic seedlings in Pinus roxburghii. Mature zygotic embryos produced white-mucilaginous embryogenic callus when cultured on full strength LM (Litvay et al. 1985) basal medium supplemented with 90 mM maltose, 2.0gl¨¹ Gellan gum, 9.0µM 2,4-D and 7 µgl¨¹ triacontanol. On subculture of such embryogenic callus on the maintenance medium (II) containing 2.0µM 2,4-D and 2.0µgl¨¹ triacontanol induced pro-embryos. The highest percentage of somatic embryogenesis (83.5%) was recorded in PR810 genotype. Somatic embryos were successfully germinated on half strength LM basal medium without growth regulators. Therefore, triacontanol can be used as an effective growth regulator for inducing somatic embryogenesis and rooting in Pinus roxburghii.

Key words: Chir pine, Pinus roxburghii, Somatic embryogenesis, Tissue culture ABA-Abscisic acid, 2, 4-D-Dichlorophenoxy acetic acid, I-Initiation medium, II-Maintenance