Belova, O. 2007. Recent problems of nature use, game biology and fur farming.  Baltic Forestry 13 (1): 137-138  (Chronicle)

Recognising no mean importance of game animals in the forest ecosystems and surroundings as well as the substantial links between the Game Management science and forest sciences, knowledge of the new events in wildlife studies goes more relevant. Present Game Management is oriented to sustainable use and conservation of wildlife resources including the system of arrangements and economic measures to protect wildlife and their habitat, and improve habitat carrying capacity. Game management combines main objects of game management are game and their habitats.
The International Scientific and Practical Conference Recent Problems of Nature Use, Game Biology and Fur Farming has been held at B.M Zhitkov’s Russian Research Institute of Game Management and Fur Farming in Kirov, Russia, on 22-25 May, 2007. The conference was dedicated to the 85th Anniversary of the Institute. The significant input of the organizer enable representatives from different countries to attend the different Sections of the Conference and to impart benefits of their knowledge as well as extend and make up new fruitful scientific contacts.