Kairiūkštis, L., Jaskelevičius, B. and Saladis, J. 2005. Socio-Economic and Environmental Effects of Wood Fuel Use in Lithuania. Baltic Forestry, 11 (1): 2-12

The purpose of this study was to assess supply and demand for wood fuel as energy sources in Lithuania and to analyse economic, social and environmental effects of their extensive use. As a result it was stated that the quantities of wood fuel consumed constantly increased. Using of firewood and wood residues for generating energy capital saved for unimported fuel is estimated at 36.3 million EURO (2003). The new suggested wood cutting technology with wood fuel production allows creating of at least 350 work places for each million m³ of wood fuel. Substitution of fuel oil by wood fuel improves the quality of the environment because of reduction of SOX by 1.451 kt/PJ and carbon dioxide by 78.8 kt/PJ.

Key words: fuel wood resources, consumption, substitution of fuel oil, socio-economic, environmental effects