MizaraitÄ—, D. and Mizaras, S. 2005. Empirically Based Grouping of Private Forest Owners in Lithuania. Baltic Forestry, 11 (1): 80-87

In Lithuania there are 231.878 private forest owners (2005-01-01). They differ according to age, sex, education, social status, area of private property and other characteristics. All these characteristics determine the goals and problems of private forest owners. Even though there is a great variety, it is possible to group forest owner according to their attitudes towards the management of their forest property. Based on a survey among Lithuanian private forest owners four types of owners were identified: (1) businessmen, (2) multi-objective owners, (3) consumers, (4) ecologists. The article presents a description of these typological groups.

Key words: forest owner, survey, cluster analysis, groups of forest owners.