Žiogas, A., Juronis, V., Snieškienė, V. and Gabrilavičius, R. 2007. Pathological Condidion of Introduced Broadleaves in the Forests of South-Western and Western Lithuania.  Baltic Forestry 13 (2): 207-214

In six forest enterprises and twelve forest districts of south-western and western Lithuania the condition of introduced trees of Acer, Juglans, Fagus, Quercus, Phellodendron, Populus, Robinia genera was studied in 2003-2005. The condition of all studied broadleaved trees was sufficiently good to grow them in Lithuanian forests along with native tree species for the enrichment of biological diversity and forest soil improvement. In the places of industrial and traffic pollution, the trees of Acer genus, Robinia pseudoacacia may be used. Quite perspective species for wood production in this part of Lithuania could be Juglans cinerea, Fagus sylvatica, Quercus robur. Acclimatization success of some studied species, such as Acer negundo, Populus genus, is limited by biotic (diseases and pests) factors. All the introducents are considered to be naturalized in Lithuania.

Key words:introduction, broadleaves, diseases, pests, condition