Janiszewski, P. and Kolasa, S. 2007. Comparison of Carcass and Weight of Antlers of Roebuck (Capreolus capreolus) Harvested in Forest and Field Habitats. Baltic Forestry 13 (2): 215 - 220

In this study, we analysed the weight and measurements of 111 European roebuck (Capreolus capreolus L.) carcasses. Animals were obtained from forest and field hunting grounds in north-eastern Poland. The own researching results duly confirm that carcass weight increases with the age of animals that is the carcass weight of the older roebuck is heavier than of younger animals. They were also characterized by the heaviest antlers (over 312.5 g). The average weight of antlers was 268.10 g in field roebucks, and 220.25 g in forest ones. The difference in this trait (near 50 g) was confirmed statistically. Two- and three-year-old roebucks differed significantly in the weight of antlers, whereas there were no such differences in four- and five-year-old animals.
Changes in carcass weight were accompanied by changes in its measurements: the height at withers, the height at sacrum and the chest girth. The carcasses of roebucks aged three years and older were almost 4 cm longer than those of younger ones – the difference was highly significant. The correlations between carcass weight and height at withers, as well as between carcass weight and chest girth, were ascertained. A significant correlation was observed between the weight of antlers and age of roebucks. The indices of reconstruction and massiveness were determined.

Key words:European roe deer Capreolus capreolus, carcass weight, carcass measurements, weight of antlers