Kuliešis, A. 2007. Publication on the Forest and Forestry of Biržai Region.  Baltic Forestry 13 (2): 237 – 240. (Book Review)

Leonardas Kairiūkštis, Romualdas Mankus, 2006. Biržu krašto miškai ir mišku ūkis. [Forest and Forestry of Biržai Region]. Monograph. Kaunas. Publishing House LUTUTE, 280 p., iliustr., bibliogr. Lithuanian, English and Russian Summary.
In the Book Review the analysis of the Monograph is conducted. The book has been initiated by the Biržai Forest Enterprise (manager Romanas Gaudiešius) in connection with the 85th anniversary of the foundation of the forest enterprise. The monograph consist of 14 chapters including description and analysis of the nature conditions and history of forestry of the Biržai region; development of forestry and its organization structure; forests resources and their dynamics; forest growing, wood use, amelioration, hunting, forest protection and other activities; results of scientific research, and their implementation into the practice of Birþai region forests. The last two chapters are devoted to the presentation of foresters - specialists who have been working in the Biržai Region as well as their remembrances.
The monograph is a significant contribution to the evaluation of forestry practice, multiple use of the northern part of Lithuania and the input from foresters as well as scientists to the achievements in forestry. The monograph would be very useful for all who are interested in forestry, forests and especially for young foresters and students.