Voolma, K. 2007. The XXVII Nordic-Baltic Congress of Entomology in Uppsala. Baltic Forestry 13 (2): 244-245. (Chronicle)

The XXVII Nordic-Baltic Congress of Entomology was held in Uppsala, Sweden from July 29 to August 4, 2007. A series of entomological meetings in the Nordic countries was initiated by Swedish entomologists in 1923, when researchers and collectors of insects gathered in Stockholm. From the very beginning these meetings have been arranged in summer. The distinction and significance of these meetings lies in that they inspire and encourage collaboration between professional and amateur entomologists. Traditionally, much attention was paid to conservation issues of threatened insect species. Oral and poster presentations also dealt with various forest entomology topics. Proceedings of the recent Nordic-Baltic Congresses of Entomology were published as a separate book or special issues of an entomological journal