Suchockas, V. 2006. Germination Capacity of Seeds and Initial Development of Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) Seedlings in Various Soil Layers. Baltic Forestry, 12 (2): 151-157

Scots pine seed germination capacity in various genetic layers of the soil after sowing the stands and seedling growth at initial development stage of the plantations were discussed in this article. In different methods prepared soil at the same time also distinguished itself in a complex of different ecological conditions that had limiting to seed germination factor. The most favourable germination was achieved by one-year old stratified seeds covered on furrow bottom. The highest Scots pine seed germination capacity was achieved at the humus horizon. The pine seed are not germinate when get into humus or illuvial horizons in hillocks. Differences in seedling development in various soil genetic horizons are not statistical significant. More intensive seedling development was observed in humus horizon as well as in litter mixed with humus and illuvial horizons.

Key words:soil genetic horizons, seeds, seed germination, sowing