Stravinskienė, V. and Šimatonytė, A. 2006. Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) Health Condition in Kaunas City Forests. Baltic Forestry, 12 (2): 209-219

This article reviews the dynamics of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) health condition in different Kaunas city districts in 1994-2003. Health condition of Scots pine trees was estimated according to morphological indicatorial parameters: tree crown defoliation, foliage discolouration, amount of dead branches, needle retention, fruiting, state of tops and visual damages. It was found, that health condition of pine trees was worsening reliably in 1994-1998, except Kleboniškis- 2 and Lampė-1džiai sample plots, and in 2001-2003 - except Raudondvaris-2 sample plot. The mean crown defoliation of all sample stands in 1994 was 29.0±1.9 %, in 1995 - 28.8±2.1 %, in 1996 - 30.4±2.2 %, in 1997 - 32.1±1.9 %, in 1998 - 33.5±2.0 %, in 2001 - 25.9±3.6 %, in 2002 - 29.2±3.2 %, in 2003 - 34.3±2.5 %. According to tree crown defoliation the best health condition of Scots pine forests was estimated in Botanikos sodas sample plot, small defoliation was found in Kleboniškis-2 and Eiguliai sample plots. The worst state of Scots pine was defined in Raudondvaris-2 sample plot, also great defoliation was defined in Kleboniškis-1, Palemonas-1, Palemonas-2, Panemunė-1, Petrašiūnai-1, Petrašiūnai-2 and Vičiūnai sample plots. The greatest Scots pine crown defoliation (34.3±2.5 %) in Kaunas city districts during our research period (1994-2003) was defined in 2003.

Key words: Scots pine, air pollution, indicatorial parameters, health condition, city environment