Kairiūkštis, L. 2006. Publication on the Perception of the Condition of Trees Submitted to Stress. Baltic Forestry , 12 (2): 259-260 (Book Reviews)

Laima Skuodienė. 2005. Medžiu stresas ir jo fiziologinė indikacija [Stress of Trees and their Physiological Indication]. Monograph. Kaunas, ARX Baltijos spaudos namai, 224 p., illiustr., bibliogr., Lithuanian, English, German and Russian Summary. ISBN 9955-638-281.
As a result of obvious climatis anomalies more and more threatening situations are observed in Baltic forests. Different tree species, namely these, taht are less typical to our climatic and soil conditions, are found to be in a critical situation. As to stress of trees, as a primary indication of their death, it must be noted that until recently in Baltic countries the pgysiological expression of stress was nor studied. Therefore the appearance of monograph "Stress of trees and their physiological indication" by Doctor of Biomedical Science Laima Skuodienė was appreciated both by foresters and by the society of natural sciences.
The monograph is a significant contribution to comprehension of the physiological function of the interaction between trees and the environment.