Ozturk, T. 2014. Productivity and Cost of Rubber – Wheel-Tyred Tractor in a Northern Pine Plantation Forest of Turkey. Baltic Forestry 20(2): 272-276

This paper presents research results of the performance of ‘‘Massey Ferguson’’ farm tractor using whole stem harvesting method in pine plantations in northern Turkey. The elements of the skidding work phase were identified, 30 cycles were recorded for this study and productivity of tractor is done by time measurements. Skidding time per cycle was directly related to tractor type, skidding distance and number of whole stems hauled, and inversely related to harvest intensity. Skidding productivity was sensitive to skidding distance, number of whole stems in a load and stem size. In this study, skidding distance is average 295 m. Hourly productivity are 9,910 m³/hour for skidding distance of 295 m. The total cost of ‘‘Massey Ferguson’’ tractor is calculated as 22.98 USD/m³. The average fuel consumption is 3.5 l/hour.

Key words: ‘‘Massey Ferguson’’ tractor, skidding, productivity, cost, time study