Iordache, E.*, Popa, B. and Derczeni, R. 2014. The Investment Opportunities in Wood Energy Plantations in Romania. Baltic Forestry 20(2): 352-357

The aim of the presented study is to evaluate comparatively the quantity and the quality of wood production as well as the economic risks involved for several versions of forestry systems based on black locust short rotation coppice, in the southern part of Romania. The study provides comparative information about the investment opportunities in several cases of black locust coppice plantations under different site conditions and geographic areas. The information within this study may be very useful for government stakeholders and investors to support decision making for better regulation in this sector and to invest in these types of plantations. It can also create useful instruments for calculating public subsidies destined for afforestation of the agricultural land.

Key words: black locust, investments, coppice