Läänelaid, A. 2009. Dendrochronological Assessment in Establishing of Felling Dates of Birch Stumps.  Baltic Forestry 15 (1): 115-121. (Brief Report)

Dendrochronology can be used for resolving disputes over the felling dates of a forest cut. In the case of controversy in establishing the cutting times of a forest cut, dendrochronology can provide independent evidence. A successful attempt was made to establish the felling dates of stumps of silver birch (Betula pendula Roth.) in southern Estonia using dendrochronology. Difficulties met were mainly due to excessive decay of the wood, which made the tree-rings in some instances undistinguishable. Despite these problems two different felling periods were revealed to an accuracy of ca. half a year. Marks of different cutting machines on stumps supported the datings obtained. Our results show that dendrochronology can usefully be applied to birches when assessing past forest management practices.

Key words: Betula pendula Roth., felling date, stump samples, tree rings, expert assessment